The application of industrial robots in PCB industry

As the industrial transfer and upgrading, the implementation of the new labor contract law, the economic structure changes bring the rising cost of living in cities, and after 80, 90 staff and liquidity management difficulty, PCB manufacturers are experiencing more and more serious labor shortages and the challenge of rising labor costs, and then bring [...]

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PCB gradually thin copper hole without cause analysis

Part of the customers' miscalculation this type hole without copper as follows: 1, tin light deep plating (go) and poor ability of call tin bad; 2, abnormal PTH, hole didn't sink copper; 3, copper plated deep plating ability is poor. In the actual production, gradually thin hole without copper. Investigate its reason, nothing more is [...]

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PCB process and technology science

Basic flow science at first, this post is dedicated for profes sional simple study, single OUT, blind hole buried after have time continues: cutting - the inner line - lining etching - AOI - pressing - drilling - Kong Hua a copper - outer line - secondary copper outer etching - anti - words - [...]

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Electronic industry: domestic PCB manufacturer pulled sharply accelerated rise 5 g communication board needs

Widely used for PCB, customization and cost control is an important industry characteristics: PCB's main function is to connect all kinds of electronic components, is also very wide application field. Great differences due to the numerous downstream industries, so the PCB industry has very strong customization features, participate in numerous manufacturers, leading to PCB supply [...]

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Electronic components of the welding points and methods

In the repair process, the welding work is indispensable. Not only does it require that the components on the circuit board, and solder joints must be firm, smooth, so the stand or fall of welding technology directly affect the success of electronic production, so the welding technology is every electronic enthusiasts must master basic skills, [...]

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How to get signal reflection in a high-speed PCB design

High speed PCB, line is more than just connecting two points. As a qualified engineer, it is including resistance, capacitance and inductance of the hybrid knowledge carrier. During transmission line will be a reflection phenomenon, this must look at the size of the load end reflection depends on transmission line and load the Z Z. [...]

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Transient voltage suppression diode practical knowledge and application of circuit analysis

Transient Voltage suppression diode TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) is also called the Transient Voltage suppression diode breakdown diode, two-way, hereinafter referred to as TVS diode. Transient voltage suppression diode is in stabilivolt technology developed on the basis of a new device, the circuit symbols and ordinary zener diode, same appearance also with ordinary diode. The [...]

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China’s integrated circuit industry overall strength significantly increased, fast growing industry

In the recently held "2018 China's integrated circuit industry promotion conference, deputy director general of ministry of industry and information technology electronic information Wu Shengwu said, integrated circuit is the basis of the information technology industry and the core, supporting economic and social development and national information security strategic, fundamental and pilot industry, speed up [...]

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Intelligent sensor is what

Intelligent sensor is to replace and biological sense organs and expand its function and design of a kind of device. And the feeling of organisms, there are two basic functions: one is the test object or object detection transformation of signal; Another kind is to judgment and reasoning, appraise the state of an object. The [...]

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Bourns MEMS environmental sensors

American Bourns world famous electronic components, led manufacturing suppliers, liam byrne, today introduced a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) environmental sensors, Bourns precision sensors (BPS) series products are three series of pressure sensor and a humidity sensor series. The series provides high sensitivity/accuracy, the long-term reliability, high temperature and medium bad compatibility, specifically designed to meet the [...]

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