American Bourns world famous electronic components, led manufacturing suppliers, liam byrne, today introduced a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) environmental sensors, Bourns precision sensors (BPS) series products are three series of pressure sensor and a humidity sensor series. The series provides high sensitivity/accuracy, the long-term reliability, high temperature and medium bad compatibility, specifically designed to meet the industrial automation, energy, construction and home control, medium/low medical risk and high reliability, industry application demand for advanced sensor is designed.
Bourns new environmental sensors using the most advanced technology, even in the most sensor fault may be produced under the condition of can still run smoothly. BPS110 and BPS120 pressure sensors can provide very accurate low pressure for sensitive application test function. Also provide more complete calibration and compensation output, which can realize more efficient processing and long-term stability, to achieve reliable repeatability. BPS130 pressure sensor characteristic for bad compatibility of medium and high temperature operation with high accuracy. The sensor series is able to work under pressure, with high stability performance during the product life cycle, Bourns for these three BPS pressure series also provides services to port configuration and calibration.

BPS230 series by micro (2.0 x 2.0 x 0.75 mm) surface-mount package, can provide accurate relative humidity sensor. Bourns new series of humidity sensor used in battery support application compatibility, low current consumption and low voltage during the week of products with high reliability.