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Signal Board: Driver Board: Automobile Board: Led Light Control Board: Power Board: GPS Board: Mmc Mainboard With Network Internet:

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  we also provide one-stop service ,help customer to do the SMT or DIP

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Layout and copy

Normaly we use this software to layout the PCB board ,and also have other kind of software . and we can provide the layeout and copy serveice ,and need the customer to provide the schematic diagram or sample board  

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Product Return Process

We are committed to meet your requirements and provide high quality service and products.If a problem does occur we will work with you to resolve it.If you receive your PCBs and find that it is not satisfactory you have two options:request for a re-make your PCB order or request a refund. […]

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Project Management

Contact us to find out more about our project management services. Pre-order   Ordering Process   Production process   After-sales service          

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Production and Leadtime

XJYPCB offers PCB manufacturing services for prototype,pre-production,low to medium volume production,and full service high volume production orders.We understand lead time is important for customers.XJYPCB is respond quickly to orders and provide the best lead times in the production.Our standard lead times start form one to two weeks after receipt of Gerber files. Our program managers [...]

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Rapid Prototyping

XJYPCB understands the demanding marketplace and the need for getting boards fast to meet your schedule. We can support your research and development efforts and meet your fast life cycles. We have developed our XJYPCB Rapid Prototyping line to meet this demand. This dedicated line was designed to meet the requirements of rapid prototyping and [...]

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Board Processes and Technologies

Single Sided PCB These are the simplest printed circuit boards. Single-sided printed circuits do not require plating through holes and have a circuit pattern only on one side. Double Sided PCB Double sided printed circuits are one step up from the single-sided PCBs in their complexity. When fabricating double-sided boards, through-holes are usually required between [...]

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Printed Circuit Boards

XJYPCB is a full service PCB manufacturer. We offer a wide range of products and the latest technologies in the PCB industry. Our employees are trained on the latest equipment to produce precise boards and meet your requirements. No matter what your application or special need is, we will work with you to meet it. [...]

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