XJYPCB is a full service PCB manufacturer. We offer a wide range of products and the latest technologies in the PCB industry. Our employees are trained on the latest equipment to produce precise boards and meet your requirements. No matter what your application or special need is, we will work with you to meet it. We pride ourselves on delivering circuit boards that meet or exceed your specifications.

Single Sided PCB
These are the simplest printed circuit boards. Single-sided printed circuits do not require plating through holes and have a circuit pattern only on one side.

Double Sided PCB
Double sided printed circuits are one step up from the single-sided PCBs in their complexity. When fabricating double-sided boards, through-holes are usually required between the top and bottom pads; these pads are connected using a special copper plating process commonly referred to as Plated Through Hole (PTH). This process and the resultant products allow interconnections between layers through all holes.

Multilayer PCB
Multilayer printed circuits consist of four or more circuit layers bonded together by a thickness of insulating material called prepreg and core.

We produce not only PCBs but also a wide array of products that will be perfect for your applications. We can provide your FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, aluminium base and all your other needs.
All our products, services, and processes meet the following guidelines and requirements.


Unless otherwise specified, all boards are manufactured under IPC-A-600F class II specifications and guidelines.

We support RoHS / Lead free PCBs.

UL approval. The standards for safety is essential to helping insure public safety and confidence, reduce costs, improve quality and market products and services.

ISO 9001 (2008) compliant quality system. Our on-going operator training ensures top quality for every printed circuit board product we manufacture.