6 steps to teach you how to choose PCB components

1. Use good grounding method Ensure that the design has adequate bypass capacitance and floor plan. When using an integrated circuit, be sure to use the appropriate decoupling capacitors near the power supply end to the ground (preferably the ground plane). The appropriate capacitance depends on the specific application, capacitance technology and operating frequency. The [...]

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The connotation of integrated circuit

Integrated circuit is a kind of micro-electronic device or component. Using a certain process, the required transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components and wiring interconnect in a circuit, the production of a small piece or a few small pieces of semiconductor chip or dielectric substrate, and then encapsulated in a shell, become a required [...]

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Four special electroplating methods of circuit board electroplating

The first is finger row electroplating It is often necessary to coat a rare metal on a plate edge connector, a plate edge protruding contact or a goldfinger to provide lower contact resistance and higher wear resistance. This technique is called finger row electroplating or projection electroplating. Gold plating is often the inner layer of [...]

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Why do circuit boards need cleaning have you learned?

When troubleshooting nonfunctional or nonperforming circuits, engineers can often run simulations or other analysis tools to consider circuits from a schematic level. If these methods don't solve the problem, even the best engineers can get stuck, frustrated, or confused. I've been through this before. To avoid going down similar dead ends, here's a simple but [...]

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Circuit board commonly used several kinds of glue: red glue, yellow glue, heat conduction glue, silicone glue, hot melt glue

A, red gum Red gum is a kind of polyene compounds, heated likely to occur after solidification, when temperature is 150 ℃, freezing point has the paste body becomes solid red glue, use this feature, you can use a little glue or printed to fixed patch components, circuit board components using patch red plastic can [...]

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What production equipment does the industry need to open a multilayer circuit board factory?

In the process of PCB production, the following production equipment is required: 1, engineering production --- light painting machine, film exposure machine 2. Material opening -- -- material opening machine, oven for baking plate 3, lamination -- brown production line, laminating machine, grinding machine 4, drilling -- -- CNC drilling machine 5, grinding board -- [...]

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Overview of printed circuit board (PCB)

1.1 basic terms According to the definitions of IEC 60326 and GB2036, the meanings of printed circuit are as follows: On the insulating substrate, printed components or printed circuits formed according to the predetermined design and the conductive graphics combining the two are called printed circuits. A conductive figure formed on an insulating substrate and [...]

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Circuit board factory how to conduct FPC soft board quality inspection?

1. Copper foil adhesion refers to the adhesion force of printed conductor and welding plate on the substrate. The adhesion force is small, so printed conductor and welding plate are easy to be peeled off from the substrate. Circuit board factory check the copper foil adhesive tape, available to test for a transparent tape to [...]

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Basis in the design of PCB wiring rules

In order to suppress noise ability, earthing and power of graphics should be parallel to the direction of data flow. Multilayer PCB may take several as shielding layer, power supply layer and ground layer can be regarded as shielding layer, note that the general ground inner or outer layer and the power supply design. Digital [...]

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