We are committed to meet your requirements and provide high quality service and products.If a problem does occur we will work with you to resolve it.If you receive your PCBs and find that it is not satisfactory you have two options:request for a re-make your PCB order or request a refund.


Request Setps

1.Contact us about the defect within 1 week upon receiving the PCB boards.

2.Send a digital photo and description of the defect.

3.XJYPCB QA engineer will review your request and if the PCB are non-conforming per customer specifications or IPC-6012 class 2 revision,we will process your request.

4.Upon your approval,we will address the problem and re-run your order based on the original order request.There will be no additional charge.

5.If you quality for a refund,we will refund 100% of your order amount,not including shipping costs.