In the process of PCB production, the following production equipment is required:

1, engineering production — light painting machine, film exposure machine

2. Material opening — — material opening machine, oven for baking plate

3, lamination — brown production line, laminating machine, grinding machine

4, drilling — — CNC drilling machine

5, grinding board — — grinding board machine

6. Metallized hole (PTH)– chemical copper production line (immersed copper wire)

7. Graphic transfer — film attaching machine, UV exposure machine or LDI

8. Graphic electroplating — electroplating production line

9, dry (wet) film — film production line

10. Graphic etching — etching production line

11, soldering layer production — screen printing machine, UV exposure machine or LDI

12. Baking and curing — oven, tunnel oven

13, surface treatment -OSP production line or chemical nickel gold wire, chemical nickel palladium gold wire

14, forming — punching machine or CNC gong bed, cutting machine

14. Test — electrical testing machine, AOI, 3DAOI.