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Have you seen the circuit board made of iron wire

Finally, it was a great experience, and the most surprising thing was that Freeguino really worked. I want to share my experience with you. What is Freeduino? It is an Arduino UNO board without any circuit boards. It uses a technology called freeform to interconnect components through wires or copper wires rather than circuit boards. [...]

October 6th, 2022|

Test methods for flexible circuit boards

Printed circuit board can be divided into rigid printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit board according to the production materials. Flexible circuit board is commonly known as FPC, that is, printed circuit board made of flexible insulating substrate. It is mainly used for communication, mobile phones, laptops, LCD and other products. In addition, some [...]

October 6th, 2022|

How to copy a circuit board? The Method of Removing Integrated Circuits from Printed Circuit Boards

In the process of PCB copying, it is necessary to disassemble the circuit board, dismantle the integrated circuit and other components to make a BOM list, and scan and copy the disassembled bare PCB. Therefore, it is also an important topic to correctly disassemble the integrated circuit on the PCB in this process. Not only [...]

October 6th, 2022|

In the fourth quarter of HDI circuit board, how can the circuit board keep on firing?

As there are still many market variables in the near future, it is expected that the market situation in the third quarter will be similar to that in the second quarter. Among them, high-density junction boards (HDI circuit boards) will benefit and enter the peak season. The demand and crop movement rate are expected to [...]

October 6th, 2022|

3D printing circuit board (PCB) front

In circuit board production, supply interruption and design constraints are often faced. More and more suppliers choose 3D printers to solve these problems. Compared with traditional production methods, 3D printed circuit boards (PCBs) are faster to manufacture, more widely used, and can significantly save costs while producing more complex circuits. The biggest attraction of today's [...]

October 6th, 2022|

What are the test items and standards for circuit boards?

The name of circuit board includes: ceramic circuit board, alumina ceramic circuit board, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board, circuit board, PCB board, aluminum substrate, high-frequency board, thick copper plate, impedance board, PCB, ultra-thin circuit board, ultra-thin circuit board, printed (copper etching technology) circuit board, etc. The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturized and intuitive, and [...]

August 25th, 2022|

All factory quality problems of automobile circuit board! To put it bluntly, it’s all about people

Where is the core of quality improvement? Is it technology or equipment? No, the core of quality improvement is to change people. So, what are the basic actions and ways to solve quality problems? Today, let's get to know about it with the circuit board editor of Shenzhen United circuit automobile~ First, the standardization and [...]

July 7th, 2022|

Celus, which uses AI to automate circuit board design, received a financing of US $25.6 million

The global PCB market is a big business, which is expected to grow from $60billion in 2020 to $75billion in 2027. Celus, which is headquartered in Germany, wants to use this field to create an automated platform that spans the entire circuit board design process from conception to printed circuit board. In order to accelerate [...]

July 7th, 2022|

Mini Juicer circuit board with mobile phone charging function

1. Working principle: Press the work switch and the motor runs. If the motor is in idle state, the motor can only work for 5S and then stop automatically. If it is in juice state, the motor will continue to work for 90s and then stop. 2. Parameter description Battery: 3.7V lithium battery Working voltage: [...]

July 7th, 2022|

It is reported that Hon Hai Slovak factory will trial produce PCB chip and circuit board for vehicles

According to the report of Taiwan media "Economic Daily" on June 26, Hon Hai Slovak factory mainly produces consumer electronic products, including LCD and OLED TVs, and PCBs manufactured using SMT technology and used in TVs. The factory announced its intention to enter the automotive field two years ago. Last year, it expanded its automotive [...]

July 7th, 2022|