1.1 basic terms

According to the definitions of IEC 60326 and GB2036, the meanings of printed circuit are as follows:

On the insulating substrate, printed components or printed circuits formed according to the predetermined design and the conductive graphics combining the two are called printed circuits.

A conductive figure formed on an insulating substrate and used as an electrical connection between components (including shielding elements) is called a printed circuit and does not include printed elements.

Finished printed circuit or printed circuit processing process finished board, commonly known as the printed board. According to the number of layers of conductive graphics on the PCB, also known as single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB and multi-layer PCB.

Single sided printed board: printed board with conductive pattern only on one side of insulating substrate.

Double-sided printed board: a printed board with conductive patterns on both sides of an insulating substrate.

Multilayer PCB: a PCB consisting of more than two layers of conductive graphics interlocked with insulating materials and interlinked in accordance with regulations.

In order to describe the characteristics of printed circuit and related technical exchanges have a common language, both at home and abroad on printed circuit design, manufacturing, materials, inspection and other special terms and definitions. In China, the most commonly used terms and definitions, county and international electrotechnical commission standard IEC 60196 communique, the United States ipc-tm-50 and the national standard GB 2036 provisions of a drug, here no longer introduce one by one, this book tries to use these terms. In these standards at home and abroad, for what you did to sweep with term definition is the same, but the fields in the progress and rapid development of science and technology, new material and technology of Harbin industrial university appear constantly, the term was in essence, a broken xinli fill done, there will be a term has not been defined in the related standards, we should keep track of printed circuit board technology development new dynamic, in order to more properly understand the meaning of the new term.