Basic flow science at first, this post is dedicated for profes sional simple study, single OUT, blind hole buried after have time continues: cutting – the inner line – lining etching – AOI – pressing – drilling – Kong Hua a copper – outer line – secondary copper outer etching – anti – words – surface treatment – CNC welding forming – e-test – finished goods inspection FQC – packaged goods

Above is the basic flow, the company should be the same, the middle part of the inspection process ignored, surface treatment process according to the different craft, homework time also have different, speak again later

First statement, I am not an expert, and have no place to welcome to discuss…

The following one by one process

A: blanking, are really just express a meaning – will wait copper clad aniseed cut into the size of the need, cutting generally need to pay attention to several things:

Whether a, size, shape size (long and oblique cutting), thickness, copper thickness

B, material suppliers conform to requirements

C, the number is in line with the requirements, plate model is in line with the requirements

D, generally speaking, the needs of the shearing machine and cutting down edge grinding, sawing machine production can not edge grinding, but need to be rounded

E, please pay attention to distinguish the inner board warp/weft direction, some companies have baking process, differ

Cutting process is relatively simple and less, generally by the inner drilling holes or regulatory, cutting process is relatively good quality control, so the management should focus on cost control, such as edge material, plate utilization…

2. The inner line: Generally can be divided into inner wet film, exposure, development and circuit inspection process, such as operation principle similar to take photos, the first step to ink (wet film) evenly coated in the cutting of the copper clad on (manual is commonly with silk screen printing, automatic coating machine is commonly used in direct coating), after drying in the coating and printing ink on the board on the corresponding film (also called film), and then put the combination in the exposure machine exposure, the light effect on the original film image transfer to a photographic plate, Lining plate used for negative, that is, white pervious to light part of the photopolymerization reaction, the black part is not pervious to light, does not react, using development potion will not dry film hedge of polymerization reaction, and the polymerization reaction of ink is retained as etching corrosion protective coating on the plate, this is the inner line process… Hand to play so hard

Line, in general, the quality of the process is difficult to control, because too many factors involved, this list only personally think important aspects: a, clean room environment, temperature and humidity control (very important)

B, the optimal parameters of each equipment is (exposure machine, developing machine), and liquid concentration, operation parameters control

C, equipment maintenance, film inspection, increases the control…

D, manual work place more emphasis on the employee’s job skills

E, dry film it is better to do something and relatively high efficiency, but the cost much higher specific humidity membrane

(3) etching, etching according to production status can be divided into inner and outer etching, etching acid moment according to the nature of the liquid into the forehead and alkaline etching, etching principle is very simple, said popular point is through chemical potions and copper reaction, will expose to copper corrosion on the core board fall off, there is no contact with etching friends may have question: how do you know what the copper liquid (i.e., line graphics part) is to remain useful, which is no need to get rid of. The problem is on process, the role of wet film exposure, core board after wet film exposure, core board need to keep on the copper surface will be ink cover, without the need for a part of the exposed, obscure part cannot contact to water, so no response. Upon the potions and copper surface reaction, with another potion will residual ink return back membrane, at this point, core board on the graphic has been finished, attached a picture of a after etching

Tech: PCB process and technology science
Etching etching commonly used by the device is called a horizontal line, the line by backing down tin film, etching, commonly a few parts, such as use of each component of potions machine operation conditions are not same, function also is completely different, etching of the main control is focused on

1. Potions concentration

2. Working temperature

3. Equipment, nozzle, etc

In general, it is best to set in the middle between each component inspection personnel, it can better ensure the quality of production, etching here I am not very understand, know that this is roughly, a master to please help supplement, the inner and outer etching etching process is not the same, should be a positive one is negative, contact friends should know that

4. Generally speaking, the modern PCB factory, the inner layer will arrange AOI inspection after etching, AOI can be called automatic optical inspection machine, the working principle is glare on the new surface, by receiving copper surface reflective situation comparing with set of data, to determine the quality situation of inner graphics (very bothersome, don’t know that beginners can understand), first of all, we want to make sure some here is the necessity of AOI inspection, the nineties, PCB equipment is not very rich, then test generally by the naked eye or a magnifying glass to complete, because there is a lot of subjective factors and the residual, Great caused the poor quality of follow-up, so emphasize the importance of inspection, the inspection process, the purpose is to produce bad immediately after finding and repair, do not pull end bad… No company can do not adversely

AOI seems so much more, as the inspection process, is relatively complex, because involves material manufacture, the specification is different, of the department column.

5. Finally to pressing, write here very uneasy, one thousand didn’t write well, not playing his face? All right, dozen dozen…

General process: surface oxidation (black or brown) – pre stack (PP cutting) – (six floors above laminated – fusion, riveting) – laminated – hot – cold – milling drilling target – gong side – edge grinding

Surface oxidation: general process for the surface oxidation are black or brown, purpose and the principle is the same, potions, and copper and copper surface oxidation reaction to produce a layer of uneven oxidation film, black is out of black, brown, brown, this process in contrast about the following two kinds of different

1. The black low work efficiency, but if the equipment is advanced, not low

2. Brown binding force better

3. Brown can effectively solve the problem of the pink circle

May someone will ask, since brown all advantages, so why do black? Existence is reasonable, is the cause of black still exists: suitable for small-scale production, equipment investment cost is low, brown prefer to mass production, only mass production can be more sharp manifests the brown advantage. Finally, it is clear that the brown and black use potions can’t be the same, but basically all use potions, basically can use these acid (sulfuric acid), alkali (sodium hydroxide) oxidant (hydrogen peroxide

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