In the repair process, the welding work is indispensable. Not only does it require that the components on the circuit board, and solder joints must be firm, smooth, so the stand or fall of welding technology directly affect the success of electronic production, so the welding technology is every electronic enthusiasts must master basic skills, will introduce the main points of the welding now:

1, the welding is best rosin, turpentine or without acid flux. Can’t use acidic flux, otherwise you will put the welding corrosion.

2, before welding, the components must be clean and tin plating, electronic components in the preservation, due to air oxidation, components pins on a layer of oxide film, and other dirt at the same time, use a knife to scrape the oxide film before welding, and coated with a layer of immediately soldering tin (commonly known as lining), and then by welding. After dealing with the appeal of components easy to weld, it is not easy to appear empty welding phenomenon.

3, welding soldering iron should have enough quantity of heat, can ensure the welding quality, prevent virtual welding, and day long desoldering.

4, the iron in the welding time shoulds not be too long. Best ability net belongs to the work group, is a leading domestic electronic industry service platform, online provide components, customized procurement, PCB, BOM with single sensor, the electronic industry, such as material selection, supply chain solutions of a complete set of, meet the demands of electronic industry of small and medium-sized customers comprehensive one-stop.

5, after soldering iron left spot welding, the welding parts don’t move immediately, otherwise because of solder has not been solidified and make the parts easy to take off the welding.

6, docking components connection is a good idea to heave and then tin.

7, in welding the fear of high temperature components such as transistors, had better use xiaoping pliers or at the foot of the derivation of the forceps clipping the transistor, even when welding time.

8, semiconductor components of welding using a finer best low temperature welding wire, welding time is shorter.

Welding must be checked for leakage after welding, and virtual welding, and short circuit caused by solder flow components. Virtual welding are harder to find, can use tweezers gently pull pin clamp components, such as found shaking shall promptly repair welding.