In the recently held “2018 China’s integrated circuit industry promotion conference, deputy director general of ministry of industry and information technology electronic information Wu Shengwu said, integrated circuit is the basis of the information technology industry and the core, supporting economic and social development and national information security strategic, fundamental and pilot industry, speed up the development of the integrated circuit industry development is to seize the new round of revolution of science and technology industry opportunities, foster new kinetic energy of the strategic choice of economic development, is also deepen the structural reform of the supply side, the important measures to promote the development of the economic quality of high quality.

Wu Shengwu pointed out that in recent years in the market demand of drive and related policy support, the overall strength significantly increased, the integrated circuit industry of our country industry rapid development, sales for the first time in 2017 when the industry broke through 500 billion yuan, 541.1 billion yuan, more than doubled in 2012, the industry’s sales rose 21.6% in the first half of 2018, IC design, manufacturing, packaging design, equipment and materials such as industrial chain each link go hand in hand, emerge a batch of backbone enterprises, further improve investment and financing policy environment.

Best ability net belongs to the work group, is a leading domestic electronic industry service platform, online provide components, customized procurement, PCB, BOM with single sensor, the electronic industry, such as material selection, supply chain solutions of a complete set of, meet the demands of electronic industry of small and medium-sized customers comprehensive one-stop.

But China’s integrated circuit industry development faces many difficulties, technical skills, product level, ecological environment, it is necessary to further improve the enterprise strength talent supply as an industry, the administrative department of the ministry of industry and information technology department under the state council in conjunction with the departments concerned to focus on the following work:

1, is to stay open cooperation, strengthen with international businesses, universities, research institutions and industry association of exchanges and cooperation and integrated into the global ecosystem, to achieve mutual benefit and all-win.

2, is driven development, insist on innovation to promote the technology innovation system construction of fusion depth study, guide and support competitive enterprises to strengthen the joint and collaborative scientific research strength, build key technology innovation platform.

3, is to promote the ecological construction, strengthen the soft hard together, deepen the chip software service the collaborative application of collaborative innovation ecology industry chain, industry to promote common development.

4, is to optimize the environment of industrial development, adhere to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, to create a good development space for industry, continuously optimize industrial policy, create a fair market environment.