Transient Voltage suppression diode TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) is also called the Transient Voltage suppression diode breakdown diode, two-way, hereinafter referred to as TVS diode. Transient voltage suppression diode is in stabilivolt technology developed on the basis of a new device, the circuit symbols and ordinary zener diode, same appearance also with ordinary diode. The diode in the circuit and voltage regulator tube, is the use of reverse.

1, the transient voltage suppression diode type and shape characteristics
TVS diode according to the polarity can be divided into single polar and bipolar confrontation, bipolar tail the infix to C; According to TVS diode breakdown voltage value of the nominal value from our degree is divided into two categories, namely discrete degree is 5% and + 10%, the discrete degree of plus or minus 5%, models in the end the compose with A, such as SA5.0 CA.
2, the transient voltage suppression diode compared with zener diode characteristics
Transient voltage suppressor diode and zener diode is inverted.
Transient electric voltage suppression diode can’t be breakdown, it is able to low resistance when the voltage is too high, which made the current shunt or flow control, protection of circuit components under the condition of high voltage is not destroyed in an instant. Zener diodes can be breakdown, but after the breakdown at both ends of the voltage remains constant, so that the circuit stability, voltage stability, thus protecting circuit component.