On June 24, Zhongjing Electronics (002579) answered the concerns of investors on the investor relations platform.
Investor: due to the epidemic, the production capacity of flexible circuit board manufacturers in Southeast Asia and South Korea is affected. Has the price of flexible products of Zhongjing electronics increased? Has the performance improved significantly?
Secretary of Zhongjing Electronics: Dear investors, Hello! The impact of the epidemic is dialectical. The market demand in different application fields has different manifestations of this drop and that rise. The market demand in emerging fields still maintains a strong momentum, and the chip shortage in the context of continuing Sino US technology disputes will affect the output and delivery of terminal products. Overall, the company’s operating performance is expected to continue to grow. thank you!
According to the first quarter report of 2021, the company’s main revenue was 628.44 million yuan, up 54.19% year on year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 425 million yuan, up 117.36% year on year; Net profit was 4073 million yuan, up 200.67% year on year; The debt ratio is 48.71%, the investment income is – 013.2 million yuan, the financial expense is 04.78 million yuan, and the gross profit rate is 21.35%.
The chairman of the company is Yang Lin. Mr. Yang Lin: born in 1959, college degree, economist. He once served in the army of Guangzhou Military Region of Guangdong Province, and worked in Huizhou Finance School of Guangdong Province and organs directly under Shenzhen city. He has successively served as the general manager of Guangdong Tianyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and the general manager of Shenzhen Jinggang Investment Development Co., Ltd. he joined the company in 2000 and successively served as the chairman of Huizhou Zhongjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. He is now the chairman of the company.
The general manager of the company is Yang Pengfei. Mr. Yang Pengfei: born in 1991, Chinese nationality, no permanent right of abode abroad, master’s degree. He used to be the project manager of Investment Banking Department of Everbright Securities Co., Ltd. He has successively served as marketing manager and President Assistant of Huizhou Zhongjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. He is now the director and vice president of the company.