As a bridge carrying electronic components and connecting circuits, circuit board is the basic component of almost all electronic products and plays a key role in the quality and performance of electronic products. Electronic circuit board is also developing steadily in the demand of the rapid development of domestic electronic equipment. So what problems will we encounter in the current development environment?
Circuit board
Challenges brought by market fluctuations in electronic information manufacturing industry
In recent years, China has become the main production and consumption base of circuit boards in the world. Due to the Sino US trade war, China’s chips have been suppressed, resulting in insufficient domestic chip supply. Mobile phones, computers, automobiles and other products are worried about insufficient core. Insufficient chips will reduce the supply of electronic equipment and the demand for circuit boards.
Electronic equipment
Price fluctuation of raw materials
Since the second half of 2020, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the price of raw material metals in the upstream has risen rapidly. The raw materials required for PCB production include copper clad laminate, copper foil, prepreg, copper balls, etc. the price of copper clad laminate, copper foil and copper ball is mainly affected by the fluctuation of copper price. The rising price of raw materials has a negative impact on the overall gross profit margin and profitability of PCB enterprises.