PC flexible circuit board with wiring of high density, light weight, thin thickness, good bending property characteristics, widely used in smart phones, FPC flexible circuit board of the smart phone is mainly used for the connection parts and motherboard, display module, fingerprint module, camera module, antenna, vibrator, etc., as the camera to three, four taken taken grows, and the use of OLED screen, fingerprint module constantly infiltration, etc., the dosage of the FPC flexible circuit board will continue to increase.
As smartphones toward miniaturization, lightweight, muti_function change direction, FPC flexible circuit board has the characteristic such as lightweight, flexible, make its in the smartphone market share is getting higher and higher, but the FPC on processing, materials, flexible circuit boards, such as open circuit, short circuit may occur in the process of production, such as line width is not defective, so need to reliability test, FPC flexible circuit board test content including:
1. Thermal stress test: the so-called thermal stress test is to test the heat resistance of FPC.

2. Hantian Adhesion Test: This test is to verify whether FPC eats tin well.

3. Environmental testing (shock of cold and heat) : The purpose is to verify whether the FPC can maintain good performance in the harsh environment with rapid temperature changes.

4. Plating tightness test: this test is mainly to test whether the tightness of FPC is intact.

5. Environmental test (high temperature and high humidity) : The purpose is to verify whether the FPC can work normally in high temperature and humidity environment.

6. Wrap test: verify whether the FPC’s bend Angle can maintain good performance.
FPC flexible circuit board performance testing is a fairly important role in the technological process, the test is the guarantee consumer rights and interests of a reflection, also is a kind of business reputation guarantee, so you need to quality and performance of FPC flexible circuit boards need to be strictly controlled, large current shrapnel micro needle module for FPC connector test has the effect of stable connection, can ensure the test efficiency of FPC connector.
Shrapnel microneedle module is used in FPC flexible circuit board testing, its integrated structure can make the resistance constant, can transmit large current, the maximum current can withstand 50A, and in the range of 1-50A current transmission is very stable, strong overcurrent capacity. In addition, the shrapnel micringle module has an average service life of more than 20W times, which can effectively deal with the FPC flexible circuit board test. It has strong performance and does not need to be replaced frequently. It can not only improve the test efficiency, but also reduce the cost.

In the small pitch can be value range between 0.15-0.4mm, reliable performance, has a strong adaptability, the connection will not appear card pin, broken needle phenomenon, in FPC flexible circuit board test performance is very good.
FPC flexible circuit board test frequency is high, the demand for current is large, the corresponding need to connect the module can have a large current transmission function, and the performance of the large current shrapnel micro needle module can just adapt to the test requirements of FPC flexible circuit board, is a highly reliable test connection module.