Press fit technology is most widely used in motor assembly. Such as pressure bearing to rotor, pressure clip spring, pressure silicon steel sheet to rotor, pressure commutator, pressure bearing to shell and so on. In the motor assembly industry, many processes such as commutator bushing, motor shaft end bearing, rotor stator assembly, motor shaft core pressing, motor end cover and bearing assembly need to use xintaiming intelligent servo press and precision servo press.
In the motor assembly line, servo press automation is only a way to improve product efficiency. But in fact, the improvement of motor assembly quality, more attention needs to be paid to the realization of the process in the assembly process. In the whole motor assembly process, in addition to the unique assembly process of the motor, such as magnetization, dynamic balance, winding and so on, there are several traditional processes, such as pressing, oiling, welding and so on.
Advantages of using servo press for motor press mounting
Xintaiming servo press is driven by a servo motor and high-precision roller screw for precision pressure assembly, testing and other operations. It can realize the whole process closed-loop control of pressing force and pressing depth in the process of pressure assembly and testing, so as to realize the precision pressing of online quality management. Precision, intelligence, accuracy, all program control.
Servo press adopts servo drive and PLC control system to realize full closed-loop control of force and displacement. It is a digital control equipment for interference assembly.
Servo press collects force and position data 2000 times per second from press mounting to quality inspection and quality control. The pressure accuracy is 5 ‰ FS, and the full stroke positioning accuracy is 5 ‰ FS ± 0.01mm。
Technological process:
In the motor production, the bearing is pressed into the ring, and two stages of pressing process are used. First, the position mode is preloaded, and then the pressure mode is pressed.
Quality inspection:
The first two windows use position detection mode, and the third window uses pressure detection mode.
Press fit performance:
Precise closed-loop algorithm of position and pressure can be realized
1. The position accuracy in the stroke reaches ± Within 0.01mm (at any speed within rated load).
2. The pressure is less than 5 ‰ FS, and the customized electric cylinder can help users cancel the guide sleeve and limit of the mold. The simple chemical clamping fixture is especially suitable for the production of small batch and variety products.
Advantages of using servo press for motor press mounting
Quality control:
Multiple judgment modes, real-time monitoring of pressure and displacement changes in the production process, automatically determine whether the press fit products are qualified, cancel the post press fit inspection process, effectively reduce the labor cost, and provide the basis and guarantee for the full-automatic press fit production.
1. It can effectively identify unexpected situations such as tolerance overrun of incoming materials and matching errors in the processing process.
2. By detecting the range of termination pressure and termination position to ensure the product is qualified.
Data mining:
1. It can be connected with MES to realize the electronic SOP function and improve the production efficiency by more than 20%.
2. In the production process, all process, quality and production data can be automatically extracted and uploaded to provide technical guarantee for subsequent traceability, statistics and analysis.
Data processing part:
PLC: acquisition frequency is not high, easy to lose key data, can only do simple detection.
PC and acquisition card: the acquisition frequency is high, and the detection requirements can be designed according to the needs. The disadvantage is that the ability of programmers is required to be high( For example, I require that the wave front value should not exceed 1 / 3 of the peak setting value in the whole pressing process. When 1 / 5 of the wave crest and valley value exceeds 3, it is also considered unqualified. This program is not easy to compile.)
Special force and displacement monitor: integrated control card, built-in part of the judgment program, can be used directly.
Introduction of force and displacement monitoring curve:
In many press fit cases, the relationship curve between press fit force and press fit stroke is mostly monitored.