Why is laser equipment the Savior of PCB processing industry?
Circuit board is an indispensable part of 3C industry. It is an important component carrier and line connection carrier. In this era of rapid development, efficiency has become particularly important. In industrial manufacturing, laser cutting machine has undoubtedly become the representative of efficient tools. China’s intelligent manufacturing has risen in the world. With the wide application of circuit boards, there is more and more demand for processing and higher requirements for circuit boards.
Circuit board
In the past, electronic equipment only needed a heavy circuit board, but now with the development of intelligence in the electronic industry, the number of layers of PCB is more and more, smaller and thinner. In addition, FPC kneading circuit board is also required, and more and more electronic components need to be accommodated in the equipment, which also has higher requirements for processing precision.
How can the circuit board industry adapt to this change and solve this problem?
As an advanced processing tool, laser processing has obvious advantages over traditional processing methods. It has good monochromaticity, directivity, coherence and brightness, its energy and speed can be flexibly adjusted, and can easily cooperate with the NC system to realize intelligent production. Therefore, laser processing has a very broad development space, and its penetration in the fields of automobile, consumer electronics, biomedicine and so on is becoming stronger and stronger.
Precision laser cutting machine
The advantages of laser cutting machine in cutting circuit board mainly include the following:
1. Real cold working, basically no carbonization;
2. Ultrashort pulse, release energy in picosecond time, small heat affected zone, negligible, no microcrack;
3. High speed, picosecond repetition rate is very high, and the galvanometer speed is fast;
4. The cutting effect is fine. Picosecond processing adopts small single pulse energy and high frequency processing, and the processing surface is more fine;
5. A wide range of processing materials, suitable for the processing of various materials;
When the laser cutting machine works, it is almost dust-free, stress-free and burr free. The finished products cut can be said to be smooth and tidy. In line with the requirements of modern electronic equipment for circuit boards, it can also provide better operation opportunities for circuit boards, so that the circuit board industry can develop better.