With the development of science and technology, modern electronic products have penetrated into our daily life. Without electronic products, our life will become very inconvenient, but in these electronic products, we will see the figure of gold.
What does gold do in electronics? Why gold in electronics? Because the chemical property of gold is very stable, it is not easy to have chemical reaction with other things, including the chemical property is very stable at a certain high temperature, gold is used in electronic products, mainly because its chemical property is stable. The most important electronic product is its circuit system. In some thin lines, you can’t use plastic wrap to wrap the wire, the wire is usually iron or copper, but after a period of time, these will be oxidized to form iron oxide, or copper oxide three alumina and other materials. The circuit board itself USES the wire is not very thick, if these wires were oxidized, then the integrated board will soon appear to rust broken wire, poor contact phenomenon.
Although the conductive wire of gold is not as good as that of copper and iron, its electrical properties in the circuit are still relatively strong, and because it has very stable chemical properties, it can not be oxidized for a long time, so there are many advantages in using gold on the integrated circuit board.