With the development of the times, electronic products are increasingly inseparable from our lives, from computers to mobile phones. However, electronic products always face a problem, that is, they are broken. This is inevitable for electronic products. After all, electronic products also have longevity. Speaking of this, do you have any electronic products removed? I am afraid that many people have been demolished. People are curious and want to know what is hidden inside!

When you unpack the electronics, you will see the board. The lines of these boards are always curved and very strange. Why not make it straight, how convenient is it?

First of all, we all know that the current electronic products are as small as possible, the finer the better. This design must have strict restrictions and requirements on the wiring of the board, so that you can install as many electronic components. If it is designed as a straight line, it will definitely lead to an increase in the area of ​​the board, which does not meet the lightweight and compact design. It seems that each line is a disorderly sort, but in reality every line has undergone a meticulous calculation. Every component on the board needs to have strict requirements to ensure normal operation. Once it is not in accordance with a specific line, it will inevitably lead to data errors.

Second, it is also to ensure the integrity of the signal. Different parts are distributed on one circuit board, and there are various power sources, various capacitors, and resistors. When each part is combined, it will cause mutual interference, so it must be taken into account when designing. With this curved wiring, the signal delay difference between the parts is kept within a range, so that the reading is not disturbed. If it is a bad wiring, it will not only degrade the performance of the product, but sometimes even affect the success rate of the product. So don’t look at it is a small wiring, the content involved is still a lot.