Circuit board three proofing paint is a special formulation of paint, which is used to protect the circuit board and its related equipment from the erosion of bad environment, so as to improve and prolong their service life and ensure the safety and reliability of use. The three proofing paint is applied to the surface of the circuit board to form a light and flexible film only 25-50 microns thick. It can protect the circuit from damage under conditions such as chemical substances (such as fuel, coolant, etc.), vibration, moisture, salt spray, humidity and high temperature. Under these conditions, the circuit board may be corroded, mold growth and short circuit, resulting in the failure of the circuit without three anti paint.
The protective film formed by the three proofing paint can effectively isolate and protect the circuit from the corrosion of chemicals, moisture and other dirt, so as to improve the reliability of the circuit board, increase its safety factor and ensure its service life. Because the three proofing paint can prevent electric leakage, it allows higher power and closer PCB spacing. Thus, the purpose of component miniaturization can be met. Whether transparent or colored, the three proofing paint can improve the appearance of the printed circuit board, which can also ensure a higher degree of confidentiality through covering elements and design layout.