Hot summer, to say what to pursue, nature is a cool wind. Especially in the outdoor without air conditioning, the hand-held fan, which quickly became popular with high appearance and convenience, has become people’s “summer artifact”. Walking on the road, you can always see young people holding small and lovely portable fans, and the cool wind is sent out. It’s not pleasant. However, behind the pursuit of products, its quality problems are worrying.
On August 15 this year, CCTV’s weekly quality report exposed a news: most of the popular small fans such as neck hanging, handheld and desktop in recent two years are three no products. Especially the portable fan with hanging neck, for women with long hair, it is easy to have the risk of hair rolling in. In addition, according to the test results, the compliance rate of this kind of products is only 81.4%. The reporter secretly visited many offline stores and found that the portable fans in some small commodity stores such as Sanyuan and Wuyuan have no manufacturer and address, no 3C certification mark, and even no warranty period. It means that we are not responsible for any problems with the products after they are sold.
The products of offline stores cannot guarantee safety, and online stores also have this problem. When I visited the e-commerce platform, I saw a handheld fan with a price of less than 20 yuan and a sales volume of hundreds of thousands. Consumer feedback: it’s not easy to use, the switch doesn’t respond; Or in case of wind blade shaking, etc. Some other products do not have quality inspection reports. Some stores give quality inspection reports on the commodity details page, but the words on them can’t be seen at all. If we use it improperly or have product quality problems, it is easy to pose a threat to our own safety.
In fact, the structure of wanghong portable fan is not complex. It is basically composed of shell, motor, battery and circuit board. The price of portable fans in the market varies greatly, as low as 9.9 yuan and as high as several hundred yuan. Many people will choose cheap hand-held fans, which is a risk. As such small household appliances are subdivided products derived from fans to convenience, most mainstream household appliance manufacturers do not care about this small “cake”, which is basically made by small manufacturers. Therefore, in order to make more profits, some unscrupulous manufacturers will cut corners.
Like the batteries of hand-held fans, the national household appliance quality inspection center found that 17.1% of the products were unqualified and some products used fake and shoddy lithium batteries through the test of 70 batches of fans produced by 64 enterprises in 7 provinces and cities. Such lithium batteries can certainly save costs, but they have the risk of explosion. And this risk will be borne by unwitting consumers.
However, although few mainstream home appliance brands have joined the bureau at present, some emerging enterprises have found business opportunities in this regard with a keen sense of smell, led by user needs, and pay attention to high quality and good reputation. For example, the convenient fan developed by Xiaomi Youpin, an Internet brand that attracts users with scientific and technological elements and Internet genes, takes safety as the primary premise and adopts the advanced 21700 model battery, which is also the same battery of Tesla. It has the characteristics of high density, high stability and high security. Compared with the traditional 18650 battery, its monomer capacity is increased by about 35% and its energy density is increased by about 20%. The most troublesome thing we usually use portable fans is to charge them often, and this kind of battery can achieve a super long life of 46 hours, which can be said to be the gospel of outdoor people.
In addition, Xiaoxiong electric appliance, which has built its own “net red” brand for many years, has also launched a variety of handheld fans. Some users with children in their homes put their fingers into the fan, causing physical injury. Little bear’s products are different from the burr blades of cheap products. They are very flat and sharp, and the front net is also very dense to avoid injury.