Usually after the completion of the production of printed circuit board requires PCB board factory to carry on the processing production system, such as PCB proofing is completed, the technician will components welding, finally in the assembly to the case, form a complete packaging. Then the PCB proofing related parameters and instructions needed what?

1, material: first to explain the production of PCB material is need what kind of, is the most common is to use FR4, main material is stripping the epoxy resin fiber cloth plate.

2, plate layer: to explain you make PCB layers. (PCB production layer is different, the price will be different, and the circuit board proofing process is pretty much the same.)

3, resistance welding color: there are many kinds of color, also can undertake choosing according to company requirements to, the general is green.

4, screen printing color: the color of the font and border of the screen printing on the PCB, generally choose to white.

5, copper thick: general scientific calculation according to the current of PCB circuit copper thickness, the thicker the general, the better, but the cost will be higher, so I need a reasonable balance.

6, via ever cover resistance welding: resistance welding is via insulation, otherwise is to make the hole is not insulated.

7, surface coating, spray tin and gold plated.

8, quantity: the number of production of PCB to explain clearly.