There are many components on the circuit board. Their functions are different and have their own functions. They can complement each other to make the electronic product work normally or for a long time; let us talk about the role of the diode in it.

The current flowing through the inductor coil in the circuit board cannot be abrupt. If the current of the inductor coil is suddenly cut off, the inductor itself will generate a strong electromotive force to try to maintain the current unchanged, and this electromotive force is often very strong, it will break down Try to block the current switch, whether it is an air switch, or a semiconductor switch. If it is an air switch, it will break down the air, making it impossible to cut off the power, if it is a semiconductor switch, it will burn the switch. The role of the diode is to prevent the back EMF generated when the DC relay is turned off from affecting the circuit or damaging the components. The diode is to give the back EMF a loop, mainly to prevent the induced potential of the coil when the power is turned off to damage the driver or other element.

So diodes play a very important role in them, indispensable components.