Automatic soldering machine

What is the function of the circuit board soldering machine? Friends who have not been exposed to automatic soldering equipment may not understand the influence and function of automatic soldering equipment in the electronics industry. The automatic soldering machine manufacturer Yuli Automation talks about the circuit board soldering machine.

The circuit board solder connects the components through solder and wires to form a complete circuit to meet its corresponding functions. Circuit board is the most active industry in the contemporary electronic components industry, and its growth rate is generally 3% higher than that of the electronic components industry. The rapid growth of circuit boards has led to the upstream and downstream development of circuit board production, and the automatic soldering machine equipment used for circuit board soldering has fully demonstrated its functions.

Compared with manual soldering, the circuit board uses automatic soldering machine to solder, the solder joints are more full and delicate, and the size is the same; the application of the automatic soldering machine on the circuit board can effectively ensure the consistency and stability of the product; the automatic soldering machine equipment not only has Soldering function, also has multiple functions such as spot welding, drag welding, and automatic cleaning. It can be applied to various electronic components, such as capacitors, resistors, arrays, flat cables, shielding boxes and other perforated manual soldering.

What is the function of the circuit board soldering machine? Desktop soldering machine or cabinet type soldering equipment can realize a variety of soldering functions, and is applied to various electronic components. It is undoubtedly a cost-effective automation equipment. However, the application of circuit board soldering equipment can get rid of the problems of manual soldering, inaccuracy, inaccuracy, instability and low efficiency.