Common mode Choke, also known as common mode choke. Performance characteristics: It has extremely high initial magnetic permeability, has large impedance and insertion loss under the earth’s magnetic field, and has excellent suppression effect on interference, and exhibits resonance-free insertion loss characteristics in a wide frequency range. l High initial permeability: 5-20 times that of ferrite, so it has greater insertion loss, and the inhibition of conducted interference is much larger than that of ferrite. l High saturation magnetic induction: 2-3 times higher than ferrite. It is not easy to magnetize to saturation in the case of strong current interference. l Excellent temperature stability: high Curie temperature, the alloy’s performance change rate is significantly lower than that of ferrite in the case of large temperature fluctuations, with excellent stability, and the performance change is close to linear. l Flexible frequency characteristics: and more flexible to adjust the process to get the required frequency characteristics. Different impedance characteristics can be obtained by different manufacturing processes and with appropriate coils to meet the filtering requirements of different bands, so that the impedance value is much higher than that of ferrite. Applications: l Grid common mode interference filtering l Electronic equipment and electronic equipment anti-shock interference