The circuit board is an important component of electronic equipment, and its normal operation requires ensuring the cleanliness and quality of the circuit board. During the use of a circuit board, the accumulation of dust, oil stains, dirt and other substances, as well as the splashing of corrosive liquids, can affect the conductive surface of the circuit board, thereby affecting its performance. Therefore, cleaning the circuit board is particularly important. Normally, circuit board cleaning uses the following cleaning methods:
1. Chemical cleaning method: This method typically uses chemical cleaning agents to remove dirt from the surface of circuit boards through chemical reactions. This method has a simple principle and obvious cleaning effect, making it suitable for deep cleaning of circuit boards. However, it should be noted that chemical cleaning agents have certain toxicity to the human body and require professional protection.
2. Mechanical cleaning method: This method usually uses a mechanical cleaning machine to clean, using a high-speed rotating brush and high-pressure water flow to remove dirt from the surface of the circuit board. This method has a fast cleaning speed and good effect, and is suitable for simple cleaning of circuit boards.
3. Mist cleaning method: This method usually uses an aerosol cleaning machine to clean the dirt on the surface of the circuit board through high-pressure mist. This method has a fast cleaning speed and is suitable for cleaning parts that are difficult to mechanically clean.
It should be noted that different cleaning methods are suitable for different cleaning occasions and need to be selected based on the actual situation of the circuit board. At the same time, when cleaning circuit boards, it is necessary to take protective measures to avoid damage and injury to the human body caused by chemical cleaning agents and mechanical cleaning machines. When using cleaning agents, follow their instructions and use them in moderation to avoid excessive use resulting in residual cleaning agents. In short, circuit board cleaning is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of electronic equipment, and appropriate cleaning methods should be selected for cleaning.