Circuit board gold-plated board and circuit board gold-plated board are commonly used in circuit board production.
With the increasing integration of IC, the IC pins are more and more dense. The vertical tin spraying process is difficult to flatten the fine pad, which brings difficulty to SMT mounting; In addition, the standby life of tin plate is very short. The gold-plated circuit board just solves these problems. As for the surface mount process, especially for the ultra-small surface mount, because the flatness of the pad is directly related to the quality of the solder paste printing process and has a decisive impact on the reflow welding quality at the back, circuit board gold plating is often seen in the high-density and ultra-small surface mount process. In the trial production stage, affected by elements such as component procurement, it is often not that the board is welded immediately when it comes, but that it is often used after several weeks or even months. The standby life of the gold-plated board of the circuit board is many times longer than that of the tin board. So we are willing to choose. In addition, the cost of gold plating sample stage is almost the same as that of lead tin alloy plate.
What is gold plating
Gold plating refers to electroplated gold, electroplated nickel gold plate, electrolytic gold, electroplated gold and electroplated nickel gold plate. There is a distinction between soft gold and hard gold (generally used as gold finger). Its principle is to dissolve nickel and gold (commonly known as gold salt) in chemical solution, immerse the circuit board in the electroplating cylinder and apply current to generate a nickel gold coating on the copper foil surface of the circuit board. Electroplated nickel gold is widely used in the name of electronic products because of its high hardness, wear resistance and difficult oxidation.
What is gold deposit
Gold deposition is to generate a layer of coating through chemical oxidation recovery reaction. Generally, the thickness is thicker. It is a method of chemical nickel gold layer accumulation. It can achieve a thicker gold layer, which is usually called gold deposition.
Difference between gold-plated plate and gold-plated plate
1、 The crystal structure formed by circuit board gold deposition and circuit board gold plating is different. The thickness of gold deposition is much thicker than that of gold plating. The gold deposition will be golden yellow, which is more yellow than gold plating, and the customer is more satisfied.
2、 Gold deposition is easier to weld than gold plating, and will not form poor welding and cause customer complaints. The stress of the gold sinking plate is easier to control, which is more conducive to the processing of bonded products. At the same time, it is precisely because gold sinking is softer than gold plating that gold fingers made of gold sinking plate are not wear-resistant.
3、 As long as there is nickel gold on the pad, the signal transmission in the skin effect is in the copper layer, which will not affect the signal.
4、 Compared with gold plating, gold precipitation has a denser crystal structure and is not easy to produce oxidation. Make process selection according to their own needs for products
5、 With the increasing density of wiring, the line width and distance have reached 3-4mil. Gold plating is a simple gold wire short circuit. As long as there is nickel gold on the pad, there will be no gold wire short circuit.
6、 As long as there is nickel gold on the pad, the combination of resistance welding and copper layer on the circuit board is more firm. The project will not affect the distance when making compensation
7、 It is generally used for boards with relatively high requirements and good flatness. Generally, the circuit board is used for gold sinking. The gold sinking generally does not show the phenomenon of black pad after assembly. The flatness and service life of the gold-plated plate are the same as those of the gold-plated plate.
The above is PCB circuit board. What is gold deposition and what is gold plating? The introduction of the difference between gold deposition and gold plating, I hope it can help you. If you want to know more PCB board information, please pay attention to us.