How hot is 5g now? Whether according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, nearly 960000 5g base stations have been built in China, or according to the indicators of the 5g application “sailing” action plan (2021-2023), the number of 5g base stations in China will reach more than 2.52 million in 2023, and China’s 5g network construction is second to none in the world.
Not only broadband and speed, 5g has also greatly improved mobility and delay. It is the so-called “4G changes life and 5g changes society”. If 5g is compared with 4G, 5g will expand from 4G to industrial applications.
With the continuous acceleration of 5g construction, China’s aiot industry has also ushered in new opportunities for development. However, the demand for intelligent technology varies widely among different traditional industries. How can technology and application be deeply integrated in the process of intelligent technology simultaneous interpreting traditional industries? How can industrial applications be implemented on a large scale?
The communication requirements of the intelligent age have changed
Aiot refers to paying more attention to new IOT application forms on the basis of IOT standards that mainly solve data transmission technology, so that AI and IOT complement each other. Specifically, IOT provides AI with massive data nourishment for in-depth learning, and its scenario based interconnection provides the basis for the rapid landing of AI; AI converts the massive data generated after connection into value through analysis and decision-making, which in turn guides the efficiency improvement of IOT application.
It is not difficult to see that data processing plays an important role in aiot applications, which puts forward higher-level requirements for computing power. For example, in the medical field, scientists use molecular docking technology to dock Ebola virus protein V35, which can complete the screening of anti Ebola virus drugs of 40 million molecular compounds a day, which is inseparable from the credit of supercomputing power.
However, due to the rapid growth of data, the lack of computing power also restricts the development of some applications. For example, with the popularity of high-definition monitoring, the amount of data in the field of security monitoring has exploded, giving birth to the demand for intelligent technology. However, due to the constraints of computing power and other factors, the rapid processing and in-depth utilization of security surveillance video still need a lot of manual analysis, which also leads to the popularity of intelligent security cameras lower than expected.
However, the problem of computational power is being gradually solved. For a large number of cameras, only relying on cloud computing often makes them overwhelmed, while the integrated solution integrating cloud computing and edge computing can alleviate the problem of insufficient computing power to a certain extent, which puts forward higher requirements for cloud collaboration. At the same time, the additional AI computing power is superimposed on the terminal side to leave the image recognition locally, which can also reduce the time delay and the demand for network connection and capacity.
It is precisely because products have higher and higher requirements for computing power. With the continuous evolution and implementation of aiot applications, the demand for communication modules is also changing.
The communication module has become an inseparable backbone
Communication module is a functional module that integrates baseband chip, memory and power amplifier devices on a circuit board and provides standard interface. Various terminals can realize the communication function with the help of wireless modules. Therefore, the communication module carries the data interaction from end to end and from end to background server. It is not only the channel of user data transmission, but also one of the core components of IOT terminals.
In practical application, the communication module needs to redesign and integrate a variety of chips and devices. It needs to consider a variety of communication protocols, network systems, volume, interference, power consumption, special processes, such as industrial high and low temperature resistance, anti vibration, anti electromagnetic interference and other requirements. At the same time, it has customization characteristics and needs to meet the specific needs of different customers and different application scenarios. Moreover, downstream users in the intelligent era are no longer satisfied that the module only undertakes the function of networking, but also need the communication module to have composite functions such as fusion perception, front-end data processing and medium level control, and even integrate Android system, WiFi, Bluetooth, GNSS and other functions.
Taking the industrial handheld field as an example, with the increasing demand for data acquisition by the industrial Internet based on industrial data, intelligent industrial handheld terminals, including industrial handheld PDA and bar code data collector, have been popularized on a large scale. They are characterized by firmness and durability and adapt to various harsh industrial environments, but there are also stringent requirements for communication connection. In this context, 5g has the advantages of low delay, no mutual interference, high reliability and wider deployment coverage, which can provide better wireless transmission for intelligent industrial handheld terminals to collect signals. 5g has the ability to connect millions of IOT terminals, which can also replace the existing wired transmission mode of state perception to meet end-to-end data transmission, These are inseparable from the blessing and empowerment of 5g intelligent communication module.
As a well-known provider of wireless communication solutions and wireless communication modules for the Internet of things, guanghetong believes that the communication module plays an important role in the terminals of the Internet of things. From the current development trend, the wireless communication module industry is becoming more and more valuable because of its important position as a connecting link in the Internet of things industry chain. Many signs show that recently, wireless communication module enterprises have increased their in-depth excavation into the application scenario of the Internet of things. For example, in the iron and steel industry, each process should be treated as a vertical industry in the process of iron and steel intellectualization. Mass IOT is required for production planning and resource management from the bottom edge to the top. Wireless communication module has become the top priority of the whole intelligent solution. In the coal industry, whether it is the communication problem up and down the coal mine, or the intellectualization and unmanned of underground monitoring, mining, safety and other equipment, it needs good communication capability support, and the wireless communication module is still the core.
Moreover, with the advent of the aiot era, the intelligence of communication modules has become the general trend. 5g intelligent modules will also become the backbone to promote the large-scale implementation of 5g + aiot applications, and will also make great breakthroughs in network, computing, AI and other aspects.
5g intelligent module promotes the implementation of aiot application
The arrival of 5g era will bring a new round of intelligent change to the world. Without the shackles of time delay and network speed of the traditional network, 5g will completely liberate the intelligent terminal equipment, make the connection between the hardware equipment applying 5g closer and the linkage more intelligent, and truly enter the aiot era. While realizing the intelligent connection of all things, the intellectualization of communication module is also imperative.
In the field of smart factory, 5g enterprise private network can solve the problems of poor network stability, poor anti-interference and limited equipment access capacity in WiFi environment, and provide safe and reliable wireless communication connection, in which 5g intelligent module plays an indispensable key role. Specifically, 5g technology has the advantages of ultra-high speed, ultra-large capacity and ultra-low delay. At the same time, the intelligent module can also handle more efficiently locally, help solve the production hidden dangers in the plant, and realize intelligent analysis functions such as face recognition, license plate recognition, helmet wearing detection, regional intrusion detection and illegal business operation alarm, It effectively reduces the inspection intensity of operators.
Moreover, 5g intelligent modules have also made outstanding contributions to promoting industrial change in the fields of industrial handheld, vehicle rear loading, intelligent security and so on. For example, in the field of intelligent security, 5g intelligent module can meet the needs of the security industry for HD and UHD monitoring, provide users with UHD, smooth and stable video effects, and realize the functions of storage, transmission, positioning and intercom. It can be widely used in door security inspection, visual patrol inspection, mobile law enforcement monitoring, emergency command and dispatching Rescue and disaster relief and remote maintenance guidance.
Obviously, intelligent modules will play a more important role in the future industrial intelligent transformation. Among the 34 typical 5g application cases launched by China Mobile, 5g + smart mine has become one of the fastest areas for 5g landing. Among them, 5g intelligent module with high performance and high computing power provides strong support for various scenarios such as remote one click start of shearer, unmanned driving of trackless rubber tyred vehicle in coal mine, integration and networking of wireless communication system, and can also realize unmanned operation and intelligent control of mining equipment while meeting the requirements of high bandwidth and low delay in the process of mine production and control, Greatly improve production efficiency.