Our company mainly produces and processes rigid PCB boards. The information needed to make circuit boards is as follows:

1.PCB board information (make the drawings of the circuit board)

2. Process:

Surface production process: spray tin, gold plating, immersion gold, nickel plating, oxidation resistance. (Choose one)

Solder mask color: dark green, light green, blue oil, white oil, red oil, etc. (choose one)

Layers: 1~26 layers

Board thickness: 0.4~2.5mm (choose one)

Plate: FR-4, aluminum substrate, copper substrate, high frequency board, cam-1 (choose one)

Copper thickness: 1oz=35um, 2oz=70um, 1.5oz=55um (choose one)

3. Quantity

4. Payment method

Note: If the majority of customers make aluminum substrates, its thermal conductivity can generally be divided into: ordinary 1.0, medium conductivity, high conductivity (choose one)

Special requirements: impedance, BGA, minimum aperture up to 0.2mm, minimum line width/line spacing 0.075mm