In this era of continuous innovation and development of technology, a large number of intelligent electronic products have appeared. In the past few years, it can be said that intelligent electronic products have been developing at a high speed. How will smart electronics develop this year? What surprises will it bring us?
The biggest trend predicted by ces will be the arrival of 5G networks, which will bring gigabit download speeds for broadband data, according to research. Samsung, verizon, Intel, qualcomm and others are all launching devices that can support 5G networks over the next few years. He said that once 5G comes, the telecom, industry, automobile, medical and mixed reality markets will expand on a large scale.

Ai is also a ubiquitous tech trend, with smart speakers like the amazon Echo, and Alexa’s voice recognition service taking off. Sales of smart speakers rose about 279 percent to 27.2 million in 2017, Koenig said, and the number could reach 43.6 million in 2018. 4

Ai has also entered the automotive industry through autonomous vehicles and other applications. Robotics continues to evolve, with companies like Blue Frog Robotics and Mayfield Robotics creating better companion robots to provide companionship and party fun, and LG will soon be out with a lawnmower.” (1)
Facial recognition and other biometric technologies are also evolving rapidly, bringing improvements from iPhone X smartphone security to better security cameras, allowing previous issues to be resolved.
From the perspective of technological development, what we need to do is not to spurn and scold the products when there are problems, but to give the scientific research institutions enough confidence and patience to believe that they have the ability to solve these problems. With the continuous improvement of our technological level, we will see a lot of intelligent electronic products this year, which is also a testament to the development of technology in this era.