Analysis on several forms and causes of unqualified road slab quality
Circuit board quality problems generally include circuit short circuit, open circuit, green oil foaming, green oil falling, substrate delamination, board warping, pad falling, poor tin loading and open circuit of circuit board after aging. The basic reason for these common circuit board quality problems is that the production technology of the circuit board factory is not qualified, the production equipment is backward, the selection of raw materials is of low quality, and the handling is chaotic.
Reason 1: the production process is not qualified: circuit board production and processing is a career with high scientific and technological content, involving a series of interdisciplinary disciplines such as electroplating, chemical industry, machinery, etc. Each process of circuit board production and processing is necessary to implement production according to strict production technology. Together, each process is necessary to be equipped with corresponding detection and testing equipment. These process parameters and equipment can ensure the stability of circuit board quality. It is undeniable that the circuit board profession is also a polluting profession. Many employees and even bosses who enter this profession are halfway monks. Therefore, many small circuit board factories just mind the price. As long as they can lower the cost, they don’t mind the production process and circuit board quality. The concentration of liquid medicine in the electroplating process is a time-varying parameter. The current and time of the electroplating process are also different for different types of circuit boards. These parameters affect the quality of circuit boards. As long as strict production process guidance, production according to process parameters, and continuous laboratory inspection, we can ensure that the quality of the produced circuit board is always in a stable state. If we organize production based on experience, present quality problems and increase potions based on feeling, the quality of circuit boards has been shaken. Customers using this circuit board will have a high repair rate and a low product rate. It looks like the acquisition cost of circuit boards has decreased, but in fact, the protection cost of maintenance and repair has greatly increased, and the customer brand will be affected, It’s not cost-effective in the long run.
Reason 2: the selection of raw materials is cheap and low quality: the quality of raw materials is the pillar of the quality of circuit board. If the raw materials do not pass the test, the circuit will show blistering, delamination, cracking, warping and thickness inequality. What is more hidden now is that the materials selected by some circuit board factories are mixed, some are genuine board materials, some are leftover materials, or recycled materials, so as to dilute the cost. The hidden danger of doing so is that we don’t know which batch will present problems. Because of the different use characteristics of circuit boards, the requirements of some circuit boards are not high, so some scrap materials can not show significant problems in this occasion, which makes many circuit board factories muddle through this practice, and win the customer’s favor because of the low price. It also encouraged the circuit board factory to continue to take such risks. In the long run, if the presentation of substrate problems leads to product quality problems, it is often a huge loss, and sometimes it is impossible to recover the enterprise’s reputation and brand. This is also the reason why more formal circuit board manufacturers will not do so.
Reason 3: the production equipment is backward: the equipment is to ensure the quality from the hardware, increase the investment in the equipment, and make the equipment complete efficiently and stably, which is the fundamental way to improve the quality of the circuit board. With the advance of science and technology, the upgrading of circuit equipment is faster and faster, and the equipment is more and more advanced. Of course, the price is more and more expensive. This leads to some small circuit board factories have no ability to add more expensive equipment, resulting in increased dependence on employees. The current human cost is high. Once it relies on skilled and skilled employees, the handling difficulty of circuit board factory will be greatly increased. Once personnel activities are presented, the quality of circuit board will be shaken.
Reason 4: management confusion: circuit board factories have many production processes and long cycle. How to complete scientific and orderly management can reduce the management cost together. This is a difficult problem, that is, they can manage well, live and cheap, which requires the lasting accumulation of circuit board manufacturers. With the advance of science and technology, especially the development of network, it is possible to handle the traditional circuit board factory by means of network informatization. Only by making breakthroughs in this regard can the competitiveness of the center be formed. The quality of circuit boards of poorly handled factories will naturally be shaken, and various problems will emerge one after another and appear repeatedly.
To sum up: the quality problem of circuit board is a very serious problem, and it is also the result of the efforts of the director of circuit board factory in handling, integrity, investment and absorption of new technical means.
The above is the introduction of the reasons for the unqualified PCB quality. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more PCB information, you can pay attention to us.