PCB design after need SMT processing production line, the patch this link need on the circuit board with components, each SMT processing plant according to the requirements of the assembly line processing, circuit board is the most suitable size requirements, if size is too small or too large, fixed circuit board assembly line tooling cannot be fixed. If the size of the board itself is smaller than the size given by the factory, the board needs to be pieced together.
Makeup just as its name implies is to spell a single circuit board into a whole, for both high-speed SMT machine and wave soldering, puzzle can significantly improve the thermal efficiency, only a little a little influence, is when the final pcba assembly finished plate, if the element is dense or margin is very narrow, the plate points will be some trouble.
So what is the process of PCB assembly? The following Jingbang electronic small editor will be with you a detailed description of the processing method of the jigsaw.
Assumption: The circuit board produced now is 4*3 assembly board, then you can set it according to the following steps:
1. After sorting the suction nozzles in the previous steps, the remaining circuit boards need to be arrayed. The array is set in the “Substrate” TAB interface. First, input the “X quantity” and “Y quantity” of the assembly board.
2. Then click the “Set Array Point” button to set the array mark points. Pay attention to the one-to-one correspondence. By moving the X axis and Y axis, find the corresponding four points respectively, and click the “Save” button to save after confirmation.
3. Go back to the interface of “mount” TAB, select all components, click “add array” button, and click “save” button after adding.
This is the most common PCB board for SMT processing programming Settings, when we in the case of mass production, it needs to be based on the actual processing capacity of the customer and the production equipment to evaluate comprehensively.