PCB is an important electronic component, the support body of electronic components, and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components. What are the requirements for PCB component layout? Let’s introduce it to you.
1, the signal

Signal interference is the most important factor to consider in PCB layout design. The most basic aspects are: weak signal circuit and strong signal circuit separated or even isolated; The ac part is separated from the dc part; The high frequency part is separated from the low frequency part; Note the direction of the signal line; The arrangement of ground lines; Appropriate shielding, filtering and other measures.

2, beautiful

Consider not only the arrangement of the components, but also the graceful flow of the lines. Because the general layman sometimes more emphasis on the former, in order to one-sidedly evaluate the pros and cons of circuit design, in order to product image, in the performance requirements are not harsh to give priority to the former.

3, force

The circuit board should be able to bear all kinds of external force and vibration during installation and operation. For this reason, the circuit board should have a reasonable shape, the various holes on the board (screw holes, shaped holes) should be arranged reasonably.

4, heat

For high-power, high-heat devices, in addition to ensuring the cooling conditions, but also pay attention to the appropriate location. Especially in precision simulation systems, special attention should be paid to the adverse effect of the temperature field generated by these devices on the fragile front stage amplifier circuit.