Whether it is a user in need or a PCB design manufacturer, the price of the circuit board has always been their focus. Today I will share with you, what are the factors that affect the design price of PCB circuit boards?
1. Number of wiring layers

The fewer the number of layers, the simpler the PCB wiring, that is, the less material is used, the lower the cost, and the cheaper the price. Conversely, as the number of wiring layers increases, the price of PCB circuit boards will increase accordingly.

2. Sheet

Some unconventional plates such as high-TG plates, halogen-free plates, and high-frequency plates will increase the procurement cycle of PCB manufacturers, which means that production costs will also increase. If the unconventional plate and common plate are mixed and pressed, the production cost will be reduced accordingly.

3. Back drilling

When used in a backplane or a single board with high-speed signals, it will increase the cost by about 10% to 20%.

4. Via

In double-sided and multi-layer boards, in order to connect the printed wires between the layers, it is often necessary to carry out vias. If the via distance is less than 0.25mm, most PCB design manufacturers need to charge a certain fee.
5. Surface technology

Using different surface manufacturing processes, the price of PCB circuit boards is also different. Such as Shen Jin and Shen Yin will increase the production cost.

6. Line width and distance

Generally, the line width and line spacing of about 3.5mil should be used. If it is less than 3.5mil, PCB manufacturers will increase the charges.

These are the factors that affect the price of PCB circuit boards. As a professional PCB circuit board design manufacturer, Shenzhen Shun Yijie Technology said that only by paying attention to these changing factors can we give customers the right price after weighing the pros and cons, and truly provide users with quality and beautiful services.