Now environmental protection is more and more concerned by people, so the circuit board manufacturing process or use after the waste is an important topic, then the following talk about some of the circuit board recycling process.

The whole line composition of circuit board recycling equipment and the process flow of circuit board processing and recycling production line are mainly composed of conveyor, first-level crusher, second-level crusher, magnetic separator, crusher, sorting machine and other auxiliary installations. After the waste circuit board is manually disassembled, the harmful electrical components such as batteries, transformers and reusable parts will be removed, and the remaining parts will be sent to the first-level crusher through the scraper conveyor, crushing the materials to below 20mm.

To the secondary crusher to break material below 5 mm, will iron material is separated by the magnetic separator, the rest of the material by the mill powder of broken to 2 mm or so, to the separation of copper in the multilayer boards, by winnowing will light the dust separation first, the proportion of large material into the electrostatic separator will be around 20% of the recycling non-ferrous metals (copper) separation.

To ensure that the particle size after crushing meets the process requirements, in the case of the same particle size of materials, vibration and air separation process can be used to separate the materials with different density in the mixture. The separation is carried out in a closed chamber, so the environmental pollution is small, and the technology is mature, the separation effect is good. Pulverizer is the particle size of the material in 5mm or so into 2 mm or so fine particles, so as to be able to separate the multi-layer machine plate in the pot, in order to effectively separate the waste circuit board of non-ferrous metal copper lay a good early foundation.