High applicability. Environmental protection new PCBS recycling process and equipment. The production line for the automatic production line, advanced physical recycling process, can effectively to all kinds of waste printed circuit board and processing waste. Waste recycling and disposal of electrical and mechanical crushing, its high metal recovery and recycling metal purity as high as 98%.

The circuit board processing and recycling production line is mainly composed of conveyor, primary crusher, secondary crusher, magnetic separator, crusher, sorting machine and other auxiliary installations. PCBS after artificial apart, will be harmful to the electrical components such as batteries, such as transformer and reusable components removed, the rest of the scraper conveyor sent to the primary crusher, to break the material below 20 mm, then sent to the secondary crusher to break material below 5 mm, will iron material is separated by the magnetic separator, the rest of the material by the mill powder of broken to 2 mm or so, to the separation of copper in the multilayer boards, by winnowing the first light of dust separation, the proportion of large material into the electrostatic separator will be around 20% of the recycling non-ferrous metals (copper) separation.

Waste printed circuit board is right of glass fiber reinforced resin and a mixture of a variety of metal, is a typical e-waste. Circuit board of the metal grade equivalent to ordinary metal grade in the mineral dozens to hundreds of, high metal content of 40%, more is copper, and gold. Aluminum. Nickel. Lead. Silicon metal and so on, there is no lack of among them? Rare metals; The rich metals in nature are only 3% to 5%. If not properly handled and disposed of, it will not only cause a large amount of loss of useful resources, but also contain a large number of teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic substances such as cadmium brominated flame retardants, which will seriously affect the environment and human health.