UV protective coating adhesive for circuit board is a single component UV curing acrylate adhesive with high bonding strength and fast surface drying under ultraviolet irradiation. It is suitable for automatic operation and greatly improves production efficiency.

The main curing methods of circuit board coating protective adhesive are: UV curing, double curing of light-moisture, double curing of UV light-heating, etc.

Hebon new material circuit board protection UV adhesive, the model mainly has (can be used as three anti-adhesive, light – moisture double curing), (light, auxiliary heat curing), (light, auxiliary heat curing).

Coating features of circuit board:

1, a certain wavelength of ultraviolet radiation can be dried in a few seconds;

2, fast curing, no pollution;

3. Excellent optical performance, known as film glue;

4. Excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance.

UV adhesive can be used as circuit board protective adhesive, adhesive materials are widely used, and can also be used as PVC slot fixing glue, camera module UV adhesive, components bonding UV adhesive, etc.