Using X – ray can effectively detect the defects of PCB, such as soldering, adhesion, copper foil falling off.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, UFJ has introduced a new X-ray examination system with high capacity, high resolution and high magnification. In BGA, CSP, flip chip inspection, semiconductor, package components, electronic connector module inspection, printed circuit board solder joint inspection, ceramic products, aerospace components, solar panels on large circuit board and other special inspection results are excellent, in the battery industry and other special industries test. For large circuit boards and large panels (the same modules can be placed), NC programming can be carried out, and the accuracy of automatic detection and repetition is very high.

Choose the right circuit board inspection method, the use of X – ray, has twice the result with half the effort! In the production of electronic enterprises, there are often some circuit board problems, some defects can not be judged by the naked eye. The common defects of PCB boards are soldering, bonding and copper foil falling off.
The main reasons for virtual welding are:

1. The poor solderability of the circuit board hole will produce the phenomenon of false soldering, which will affect the parameters of the components in the circuit, leading to the instability of the conductivity of the multilayer board components and the inner layer line, thus leading to the failure of the whole circuit function.

2. The circuit board and parts will warp in the welding process, and due to stress and deformation will produce defects such as weld and short circuit. Warping is usually caused by a temperature imbalance between the top and bottom of a circuit board.

3. In addition, the design of the circuit board will also affect the welding quality of the PCB board.
Reason for adhesion: the temperature of the iron should not be too high, too high will make the iron head burn and can not eat tin, and easy to make the copper foil fall off. The reason why the copper foil falls off is that the soldering iron should not eat too much tin at one time, too much tin will cause adhesion between the two solder joints.

To address these problems, testing equipment on the market needs to be able to fully detect these defects. X-rays are a good choice. The reason is that X-ray has penetrating effect, with short wavelength and high energy. When it shines on the material, only part of it is absorbed by the material, and most of it passes through the atomic gap, showing strong penetrating ability. The ability of X-rays to penetrate matter is related to the energy of X-rays’ photons, and the shorter the wavelength of X-rays, the greater the energy of the photons and the stronger the penetrating power. X-ray penetration is also related to the density of the material, using the property of differential absorption can be used to distinguish the density of different substances.