Anyway, every layout engineer has his own way of understanding layout. The same PCB, different layout engineers will draw different effects.

When I open all the layers: do you feel like you want to worship even if you’re a layman?

It can be said that an excellent layout engineer is an artist!
First of all, I am not a professional PCBlayout engineer. I just want to explain my understanding of layout. The picture below shows the TOP silk-screen printing layer of a VPX chassis card.

It can be seen from the device arrangement, the filter decoupling capacitors of some chips are close to the chip, and the DDRS attached to FPGA are as close to FPGA as possible, and are arranged neatly.

Open the TOP layer: does it feel complicated and high-end? Don’t worry:

However, in the final analysis, PCBlayout again good-looking, the premise of the function, performance run through, otherwise is slag. Like this system level board card, hardware cost tens of thousands of, can realize the function is good.

So in my eyes, like this complex system board card, layout can not appear error is already a god, really!