Flexible circuit board cutting equipment is the main machine for FPC board processing. It mainly uses ultraviolet laser as the light source for cutting. It irradiates the material surface through high-energy laser beam to make it gasify and fuse to form cutting. Its following four characteristics solve the main processing difficulties of FPC board.
Improve product quality
The automatic control system of flexible circuit board cutting equipment can enable the actuator of the cutting machine to complete the operation with high precision according to the requirements of programming design, avoid the influence of human subjective factors, make the product quality consistent after operation, and reduce the unqualified rate and loss of products. At the same time, flexible circuit board cutting equipment adopts various high-precision guidance, positioning, feeding, adjustment, detection, vision systems or components, which can ensure the high precision of product production.
Increase production speed.
The high-performance CCD of flexible circuit board cutting equipment can realize automatic positioning and cutting processing, and can realize continuous production with low failure rate, short production preparation time and high production efficiency. In addition, the automatic production and processing system can quickly adjust the production according to the change of production demand at any time, which is efficient and convenient to change the line and realize the purpose of rapid production.