These details require attention when welding flexible sleeves
The diameter and length of the bolt connecting the flange shall comply with the standard. After tightening, the length of the bolt protruding from the nut shall not be greater than the diameter of the bolt. After the installation of threaded flexible casing, there shall be 2-3 exposed pipe threads, and the excess hemp wire and lead oil shall be cleaned and subject to anti-corrosion treatment. The joint surface of the fusion connection flexible sleeve shall have a uniform fusion ring, and there shall be no local fusion tumor or uneven convex concave of the fusion ring. The flexible sleeve with rubber ring interface is allowed to be laid along the curve, and the large deflection angle of each interface shall not exceed 20n4) during flange connection, the gasket shall not protrude into the pipe, its outer edge shall be close to the bolt hole, and double pads or deflection pads shall not be placed. When the socket and spigot are twisted with cement, the oil hemp shall be clean, the braid filling shall be dense, the cement twist shall be full and dense, the depth of the concave socket of the interface surface shall not be greater than that of the piece hoop (sleeve), the pipe orifice connected shall be flat and seamless, the groove shall be uniform, the flexible casing shall be straight after the bolt is clamped, and the direction of the clamp (sleeve) shall be consistent.