Making PCB board is not a simple process to complete the board, drill a hole on the components. PCB production is not difficult, the difficult is to finish the production of fault troubleshooting. Whether it is a personal hobbyist or an industrial engineer, it is quite a headache for PCB circuit board debugging problems, just like programmers encounter bugs.

Some people have a strong interest in debugging PCB circuit boards, just like programmers in solving bugs, common PCB circuit board problems and many, common problems in addition to circuit board design, damage of electronic components, circuit short circuit, component quality, PCB circuit breaker fault is not a few.
Common PCB circuit board faults are mainly concentrated on components, such as capacitors, resistors, inductors, diodes, transistors, field-effect tubes, etc., integrated chips and crystal oscillations are obviously damaged, and the more intuitive way to judge these component faults can be observed through the eyes. There are obvious burn marks on the surface of electronic components with obvious damage. Problems like this can be solved by simply replacing the faulty component with a new one.
, of course, not all the damage of the electronic components were observed with the naked eye, such as what is said above resistor, capacitor, diodes, etc., in some cases, the damage was unable to see that come from the surface, need with the help of a professional inspection tool for repair, check with commonly used: multimeter, capacitance meter, etc., in the test to a electronic voltage or current is not in the normal range, that the components or the components before problem, change directly to check to see if normal again.
If the components are broken, they can be detected by either eye observation or instrument detection. However, sometimes when we put components on the PCB board, we may encounter no problems in detection, but the circuit board cannot work properly. A lot of novice encounter this kind of problem do not have rut, can make a board afresh only, or buy a piece. In fact, in this case, a lot of times the components in the installation process, due to the coordination of the various components of the problem, may appear unstable performance.
In this case, the instrument can no longer play a helpful role, so we can try to judge the possible range of fault according to the current and voltage, and try to narrow down. Experienced engineers may be able to quickly judge the fault area, but the specific components which are broken cannot be determined 100%. The only way to do this is to try to replace the suspect component until the faulty component is found. Last year, and my laptop motherboard, the water in the master maintenance time had to detect the fault, and change the three elements in the process of maintenance, power supply chip, diode, USB charging device (laptop blue socket that, shutdown condition can recharge equipment), the last is by replacement of suspicious chip wave detection and screening finally determine the for the occurrence of an element on the edge of short circuit chip.
All of the above are problems of electronic components. Of course, since PCB circuit board is the foothold of components, there must be circuit board faults. The simplest example is dead tin plating part. In this case, if the wire cannot be replenished, then only fine copper wire flying wire can be used to solve the problem.