Circuit board engraving machine is a kind of equipment that directly carves circuit graphics and makes circuit boards by using mechanical engraving technology. The use of this equipment can reduce a lot of unnecessary manual strength and improve work efficiency. We all know that the production of circuit board is one of the most critical links in the R & D process of electronic products, so we must customize the products.
PCB engraving machine workflow
In the software processing process of engraving machine, firstly, we need to export the PCB file designed by computer-aided design software (such as Protel) into a general processing format file.
Then it is imported into the circuit cam processing software for pre-processing. The data generated by circuit cam for driving the engraving machine is stored in a complete processing file in binary form, which contains the plate area format, line trend data, drilling data and shape data of the circuit board. After being processed by the circuit CAM software, it is exported to the boardmaster software.
Boardmaster is the direct control software for the operation of the engraving machine. The software directly controls the operation of the engraving machine by using the processing files imported by circuitcam.