Board damage:

In the world, billions of boards are shipped from manufacturers every day. In our daily life, the waste circuit boards are also continuously produced, and the accumulation of used circuit boards has caused great harm to the ecological environment and even our body. The electronic components in the circuit board contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, which are harmful to the human body. There are also a few components packaged with highly toxic materials, some of which are made of formaldehyde-containing volatile substances… These are for the environment and for the human body. The hazards are extremely serious.

Circuit board recycling:

In electronic waste, the recycling of circuit boards is difficult, but it has considerable economic value. The metal taste in the circuit board is equivalent to dozens or even hundreds of times the metal taste in ordinary minerals, the metal content is as high as 40% or more, and the most is copper, in addition to metals such as gold, tin, nickel, lead, etc. Rare metals, and the mineral-rich metal content in nature is usually only 3%-5%. In addition, non-metallic waste from used circuit boards can be used as building materials. At the same time, solder and plastic materials on used circuit boards are also important resources that can be recycled.

As a result, more and more circuit board recycling plants are on demand, and they can create enormous economic benefits for themselves while solving environmental problems.