In recent years, 3D X-ray fluoroscopy imaging and detection technology has been rapidly developed and gradually developed into a necessary detection method for the manufacturing industry of highly integrated electronic devices.

Three-dimensional perspective X-ray imaging detection technology compared with traditional 2 d imaging X-ray detection of X – RAY, it can reproduce the measured all-round without blind area inner structure, image overlap phenomenon, there will be no structure with two-dimensional ct image or 3 d image, in the form of the defect accurate positioning and judgement, perfect information, the micro-nano manufacturing technology, electronics science and other fields has a very important and widely used.

After the welding of BGA element, because the welding spot is covered by the element itself, the welding quality of the BGA element cannot be inspected by traditional visual inspection method, and the surface quality of the welding spot cannot be judged by automatic optical inspection instrument. In order to achieve useful detection, X-ray detection instrument can be used to carry out three-dimensional structure inspection on the welding spot of BGA element. The specification, shape, hue and saturation of BGA welding ball are consistent, and the defects in the inner structure of the ball can be clearly seen.

Three-dimensional perspective 3 d X – ray imaging makes electronics manufacturing quality inspection way caused a new change, this is the present stage for further enhance the level of production technology, improve production quality, and timely processing electronics assembly problems as a breach of the choice of producers, along with the development of the electronic components encapsulation, other detection equipment failure way of struggling because of its limitations, three-dimensional perspective X-ray imaging testing instrument will become the new focus of electronic components packaging production equipment, and play an important role in the manufacturing sector.