With the rapid development of the electrical and electronic industry, various kinds of waste circuit boards form in large quantities, endangering the natural environment. What is more serious is that the waste electronic products in China have not yet been disposed on a scale, and the use value of its comprehensive reuse has gradually been attached great importance to and become a promising industrial production, which is an opportunity for the development of environmental protection machinery. However, the components of waste circuit board are messy and difficult to deal with, so how to make the whole process of recycling properly more green, efficient, economic and energy saving is the key problem facing all fields at present.
Environmental protection circuit board recycling equipment for crushing waste circuit separation, separation, the raw materials in turn through the conveyor, crusher, the primary crusher, conveyor and secondary crusher shattered into a mixture of metal and nonmetal, through the cyclone sieve, into the air again after air vibration, dust by dust collection fan into pulse dust collection box, and part of metal products export output of finished products through air vibrating screen, the other part is not completely shattered the separation of the mixture of metal and nonmetal by connected to the air vibrating screen of semi-finished products export of hoist, was taken to the sorting within the electrostatic separator The finished metal material is exported through the electrostatic sorting machine, which not only reduces the crushing load of the two-stage crusher, but also improves the efficiency of electrostatic sorting slag, and makes the metal content in the slag low.Energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and economic and practical in the process of circuit board crushing and separation, environmental protection dry circuit board recycling equipment will effectively combine all kinds of waste circuit board crushing, separation and sorting equipment, so that it can achieve a greater energy saving effect in the production process to achieve a higher metal separation rate.