Automatic soldering machine has been widely used in the circuit board soldering industry, it improves the actual soldering efficiency, product consistency to a large extent, improve people’s living consumption level, and put forward a higher level of consumer demand for product quality. In order to meet the market requirements, manufacturers should increase the product quality and technical appearance of the design. The circuit board is the core component of electronic products and plays an important role in the whole electronic products.
In the circuit board automatic soldering process, should pay attention to the following problems, in order to ensure the high quality of products. In the actual operation process, the operation rules and specific steps should be strictly followed.
1, through the hole and pad

Do not replace through holes with pads.

2. Single side gasket

When soldering with an automatic soldering machine, do not use a pad with a filler block as a surface mount element, use a single-sided pad instead. Single-sided pads are not usually drilled, so the aperture is set to 0.

3, welding resistance green oil requirements

According to the specification design, the solder spots of the circuit board components are represented by solder pads and these pads (including through holes) do not solder automatically. However, if filler blocks are used as surface mount pads or line segments are used as Goldfinger plugs, without special treatment, solder choke oil will cover these pads and Goldfinger, which can lead to misleading errors.

4. Requirements for copper laying area

Large area copper laying, whether made of mesh or solid copper paving, the distance from the edge of the plate should be greater than 0.5mm. The size of the copper free grid point of the raster is required to be greater than 15mil×15mil, that is, the soldering process of the circuit board in the raster parameter setting window is to melt the soldering wire by heating the soldering iron and connect the circuit board with the components. When soldering, pay attention to the Angle between the soldering iron and the circuit board at about 45 degrees. The soldering time of the automatic soldering robot is well controlled. If it gets too hot, the copper foil will peel off the circuit board. The amount of solder is as small as possible, but a thin layer is enough, but the arc of solder should appear. The specific production process needs to be based on the most practical automatic soldering machine operation to improve the perfection of the product and the overall consistency of the product.