The circuit board factory can make employees more deeply understand the connotation of quality culture through the interaction between quality culture construction and management work. The quality culture construction work must be attended by all the members of the circuit board factory in order to be truly effective, and it must be persisted for a long time. To measure the quality of FPC products from the perspective of customers, quality needs to be integrated into our daily work, focusing on business and then quality. It unifies the internal understanding of quality in the circuit board factory. Quality is to meet customer requirements and is an important milestone in the company’s quality understanding.

In the production process of FPC flexible circuit boards, the division of labor for each employee is different, but our work is centered on one goal: to create value for customers through our products and services. Therefore, the core of the quality construction of the circuit board factory is the business. We must do our business well, and everything must focus on FPC circuit board products, process solutions, and services to bring value to customers. The quality personnel of the circuit board factory must have a strong desire to do a good job in quality, and let the employees take the initiative to pay attention to the quality. When the employees turn the quality work into an automatic and spontaneous behavior, the FPC product quality construction work can be considered successful.

“Quality is to meet the requirements”, it seems to be such a simple sentence, but if every department of the circuit board factory, especially the managers, can correctly understand, the value will be very great. The business of the circuit board factory must go out and be close to the customer in order to correctly obtain the customer’s approval. The core of quality work is to implement the work, constantly sum up key work experience, let employees receive training and experience sharing, to avoid recurring problems. Cannot meet customer requirements for FPC products, so our work will have no value, let alone quality.