In 2023, Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. achieved growth in both revenue and net profit, with a significant increase in the proportion of revenue from AI servers and HPC related PCB products. The expected year-on-year increase in net profit for the first quarter of 2024 reflects the demand driven trend in the AI industry.

Increased demand for high and multi-layer PCBs

In 2023, Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd.’s leading position and long-term layout in high multi-layer PCB technology will bring business growth. With the increasing demand for emerging computing scenarios, the gross profit margin of the company’s PCB business has improved, and it is expected to continue to maintain profitability growth in the future.

Iteration of 800G switches and AI servers

Shanghai Electric Power Corporation is actively expanding into the field of high-end data center switches, and it is expected that the iteration of 800G switches and AI servers will bring about an increase in the value of PCB boards. With the continuous iteration and upgrading of AI chips, the demand for high-end GPU graphics cards and high PCIe standards in AI servers has increased, driving the overall PCB value to continue to grow.

AI Applications Drive PCB Market Opportunities

Although AI applications are not yet fully popularized at present, it is expected that in the future, with the landing of AI application scenarios, the amount of data will grow rapidly, and the computing and storage demands of emerging artificial intelligence applications will become the main driving force for the electronic market, bringing market opportunities for enterprises providing high-performance PCB solutions.

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